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About Milne Electric & Technologies


MILNE ELECTRIC,INC. established in 1990,has been thriving in a highly competitive public market for the last 20 years. Much of our success is due to the understanding of our responsibility to our customer as well as a commitment to consistently and continually providing projects completed on schedule. In addition, the integrity we have established with our suppliers and subcontractors ensures that the value they, as an extension of us, bring to a project meets the same high standards we have set for ourselves.

We have come to understand that the relationships and teamwork we have developed have not only allowed us to reach this point but also will determine our future success. We try in every aspect to treat others the way we wish to be treated. Our goal is to ensure that we work closely with all members of our project team, including the owner, general contractor, and sub-contractors. This helps to maximize the quality and value of the project.

The scope of projects is both public and private, new construction and renovations. Recent projects include; heath care, office tenant improvement, retail stores, water and sewer treatment plants, fire stations, churches and educational facilities.

We are a technologically innovative and highly competitive company utilizing the most current construction related techniques and software. By utilizing the most advanced combination of software programs we are able to have more flexibility. This allows us to breakout our estimates in a manner tailored to a project’s specific materials and methods. This then results in a cost loaded construction schedule as set forth by the milestones of the general contractor’s schedule. Linking our estimating and accounting systems enables us to project progress billings and track our original estimate to the actual progress of the project. These programs streamline the process both in paperwork and on the job performance. Staying on the forefront of available technology allows us to do more with less, helping to maintain our competitiveness while offering an optimal customer experience.

It is our ethic to work hard and perform to the highest level of our ability. We are experts in our field and expect the same from those we associate with, and as such, MILNE ELECTRIC has gained a long-standing reputation as an ethical and reliable electrical contractor.