Safety @ Milne Electric & Technologies

A safe and happy worker


Safety is the single most important activity in planning and on the job site.

We plan with our partners so all watch out for one another.  Our crews are trained to continuously be aware of unsafe conditions and speak up if they see these occur.  This is for the good of those on-site, near off-site, our clients, their clients, and all of our teams.

Preconstruction planning:

safety helmet
safety helmet

Develop and learn communication protocol for contractors and all others on and around the site

Provide early preconstruction teaming to meet quality, schedule and budgets

Ensure workers have the room to operate effectively while not impacting other subcontractors or operations

Lean construction practices during preconstruction with safety as a main topic

Regular safety reviews with crews prior to getting on site. Enact Quality Control protocols.


safety helmet
safety helmet

Daily safety reviews of upcoming work

Reminders to come prepared

Adhere to appropriate health and safety protocols

Weekly toolbox safety meetings/Weekly job site inspections. Be strong team members with other trades

Mandatory Personal Protection Equipment

Weekly foreman / Toolbox meetings

Equipment, materials, substance, hazardous materials training

First aid training

Site/delivery mapping

Site safety visits

It is our policy to provide a safe and healthful workplace with operating practices that meet OSHA and WISHA standards and that ensure a safe job environment and the performance of safe practices by all employees.

Ralph Autore

Ralph Autore
Structured Cabling Division Manager

As Milne Electric’s Division Manager of Structured Cabling for more than 12 years, he has worked on a wide variety of projects from Boeing and University of Washington to many of our public schools, malls, industrial sites, and data centers.   He likes working at Milne because they are a local company that allowed him to create the department and conduct jobs throughout the greater Seattle area and nationally.

Ralph’s favorite things about working at Milne is the daily teamwork, the relationships, and that Milne cares about their customers first.