Preconstruction Services

preconstruction services

Preconstruction focus areas:

We are regularly to partner with these professionals to build your project

Design Review Assistance – Working as a collaborative team, the electrical contractor generally pushes the schedule throughout the process. Design reviews by key subcontractors help us all maintain the best quality and stay on schedule. We perform the following services through Design Reviews:

Estimating/Budget Control

We focus on providing value and reducing the budget throughout the project. Factors include:

preconstruction service company
preconstruction company


During the design, estimation, preconstruction, or construction phases, our prefabrication methods identify opportunities to lower costs, build in value, and support your project schedule. Benefits include:

Overall cost reduction through managing effort and material

Flexibility: AGILE means that changes in design, scope, or schedule can be addressed  quickly and locally

Safety: More work is done in a controlled, organized, and ergonomic environment

The improved site and facility logistics: whether on a new site or in occupied space it means:


Electrical Contractors regularly drive the schedule, so working with the design and construction team on schedule milestones is critical. 

We plan the schedule during preconstruction. We review the schedule at every weekly meeting, during major design changes, and before all milestone meetings to stay on track.

As we move into Construction, we participate with the general contractor and our subcontractor partners in Pull Planning to ensure we all are in the right place at the right time.

The schedule drives the budget. Time is money – so we continuously improve efficiency in the way we execute our work. We coordinate with other trades, perform pull planning, and work with other subcontractors to meet the project goals.

preconstruction service company
Ralph Autore

Ralph Autore
Structured Cabling Division Manager

As Milne Electric’s Division Manager of Structured Cabling for more than 12 years, he has worked on a wide variety of projects from Boeing and University of Washington to many of our public schools, malls, industrial sites, and data centers.   He likes working at Milne because they are a local company that allowed him to create the department and conduct jobs throughout the greater Seattle area and nationally.

Ralph’s favorite things about working at Milne is the daily teamwork, the relationships, and that Milne cares about their customers first.