Special Projects

Milne’s Special Projects Team handles projects that are highly individualized and unique.

Our services include certified manufacture designers, BICSI certified RCDD engineers, estimators, project managers, and technicians. We provide complete design, installation, and professional services for a variety of network applications.

Milne Electric & Technologies has the ability to provide a turn-key solution to their clients locally and across the country.

Special projects Milne Special projects include the following Project…and more:

Sometimes projects are so distinctive that they don’t fall into a traditional category. For these projects, Milne’s Special Projects team steps in to create highly individualized solutions.

We feature 24-hour emergency service for fire alarms, energy management control systems, security systems and more. 

Special Projects include:

Ralph Autore

Ralph Autore
Structured Cabling Division Manager

As Milne Electric’s Division Manager of Structured Cabling for more than 12 years, he has worked on a wide variety of projects from Boeing and University of Washington to many of our public schools, malls, industrial sites, and data centers.   He likes working at Milne because they are a local company that allowed him to create the department and conduct jobs throughout the greater Seattle area and nationally.

Ralph’s favorite things about working at Milne is the daily teamwork, the relationships, and that Milne cares about their customers first.