Construction Services

Milne Electric, Inc. builds large construction projects. In the last year, we have put over 1,000,000 square feet of electrical work in place. We participated as team members in the preconstruction of major high schools. Milne Electric built the electrical services for the Kraken Ice Hockey/Virginia Mason Medical facility, a Community Transit hub, and a variety of other projects.

Milne is skilled at planning, executing, and following up to support your project. We support General Contractors, municipalities, building owners, and developers in the planning and execution of their projects. We are a multi-service electrical firm and look forward to talking to you about your next project.

Large construction jobs can be a challenging venture for any business. Milne’s experienced staff will bring the best ideas and paramount execution to your project. Our projects range from small (in the $1,000’s) to $20 Million per project.

Milne Electric’s areas of construction include:

Large projects, special projects, tenant improvements

Our construction services are performed with the team in mind. We plan thoroughly so when we are on the jobsite building your project, we are all on the same track working in the owner’s best interest.

Whether our projects are design-build, negotiated, EC/CM, or design-bid-build (hard bid), the planning we do creates the groundwork for a successful project.  We are competitive with pricing and have strong supply chain partners. This helps us be competitive, bringing you the best price at the best quality.

Photo Courtesy of Ray Uebel

construction services

Construction services include:

Construction focus areas:

MEP Coordination
Our firm has extensive experience coordinating MEP through AutoCAD. This includes coordinating installation drawings to ready plans for BIM input.

BIM-enabled MEP coordination places the user into a collaborative virtual environment that facilitates real-time coordination and clash detection capabilities. In this way, significant efficiencies are accomplished by fabricating MEP materials directly from the building information model.

Clash Detection
Clash detection saves time and money on job sites.  Each trade needs their space to install, and often when 3-D models are not used, clashes happen. Our teams are skilled in accurately determining where potential clashes and challenges occur.  Our Clash Detection software technicians easily determine field conflicts by comparing 3D models of building systems. The goal of clash detection is to eliminate the major system conflicts before installation – which saves time and money.

Regular and consistent Schedule development and Monitoring

We coordinate with the General Contractor to be sure all trades have the space and room to work we our teams are working. We watch out for all who are on the site with us. In this way, we are able to ensure schedules are met, or adjusted so our work does not impact the overall schedule. 

Budget Monitoring

We ensure the materials and people who should be on the site are there at the times planned. Time and mismanaged equipment, tools, and materials affect the budget. Our Superintendents and foreman track this closely to ensure your budget goals are met.


Most importantly, running a safe site is paramount. Our goal is that everyone practices all safety measures and watches out for themselves, and those around them. If they see unsafe practices, they point them out and provide assistance if needed.

construction service
construction company

Quality Assurance/

Finishing out a project successfully takes early planning.  Milne Electric plans Commissioning and Closeout from the start of the project.  While we schedule quality checks on material deliveries, prefabrication, appropriate storage areas, and installation, we also schedule Commissioning, start-up, and training for the facilities staff who will operate the building.

Commissioning: As we complete major areas and components of work, we request a sign off to the punchlist.  This saves time at the end of the project, and when major components undergo startup testing and commissioning.  If extra work is needed per the commissioning agent, our tenant improvement and/or special projects teams can do this work to allow our main project team stays on schedule. Milne Electric teams are trained across disciplines. This helps the transition from construction to occupancy.

Ralph Autore

Ralph Autore
Structured Cabling Division Manager

As Milne Electric’s Division Manager of Structured Cabling for more than 12 years, he has worked on a wide variety of projects from Boeing and University of Washington to many of our public schools, malls, industrial sites, and data centers.   He likes working at Milne because they are a local company that allowed him to create the department and conduct jobs throughout the greater Seattle area and nationally.

Ralph’s favorite things about working at Milne is the daily teamwork, the relationships, and that Milne cares about their customers first.