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About Us

At Milne Electric, Inc., we prepare our clients and industry colleagues for the future.

Fast-moving technology demands professional electricians that are curious, study, and know the latest technology that makes your lives easier. We help our clients make sense of new technology, and we know when to use the tried and true.

We are a high-tech yet well-grounded firm that knows how to bring technology to all of us.
We focus on doing what is right for the client and our communities.

Our clients include:

The Built Industry:


The Built Industry:

The scope of projects is both public and private, new construction and renovations. Recent projects include;


At Milne, we keep our competitive edge through contracting both on negotiated projects and bidding competitively. We are experts at design/build, design/assist, EC/CM for GC/CM contractors, and other negotiated methods. Knowing both the negotiated and hard bid markets keeps us current on pricing, vendors, quality of materials, material costs, and labor costs. This helps your project be as predictable as possible early on for effective planning.

Milne Electric Professional Electricians and Electrical Contractors.

Team Players:

We at Milne Electric, Inc. value hard workers. This begins with knowing how to communicate well from preconstruction through closeout.  We are easy to work with, collaborative, and look out for all trades from the start of preconstruction past the day we leave the project.

We use state-of-the-art technology and always operate under our core principles:

Safety, Quality, Reliability, Innovation, and Teamwork

These core principles keep us firmly grounded.  We are a well-balanced firm rooted in our people, community, client service, innovation, and sustainability.

Our Culture

It is our ethic to work hard and perform to the highest level of our ability. We are experts in our field and expect the same from those we associate with, and as such, MILNE ELECTRIC has gained a long-standing reputation as an ethical and reliable electrical contractor.

Ralph Autore

Ralph Autore
Structured Cabling Division Manager

As Milne Electric’s Division Manager of Structured Cabling for more than 12 years, he has worked on a wide variety of projects from Boeing and University of Washington to many of our public schools, malls, industrial sites, and data centers.   He likes working at Milne because they are a local company that allowed him to create the department and conduct jobs throughout the greater Seattle area and nationally.

Ralph’s favorite things about working at Milne is the daily teamwork, the relationships, and that Milne cares about their customers first.